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About Company

25 years of building ideas. We’ve built Opera by bringing together exceptional international teams of developers, coders, researchers, marketeers, and support, compelled to build the best online experience on any device. We’re leveraging 25 years of blood, sweat, and product releases at the forefront of building browsers, and today more than 380 million engaged users worldwide.

How do we do it?

We stick to the principles that work for us. We work quickly because our users move quickly.

They want innovation, they want better.

We’re agile; changing quickly is in our DNA, we’re equal parts strategy and opportunity.

We’re clear and collaborative because you have to be when you move so quickly.

Challenging tradition, habit and convention is what fuels our development;

what can we build now?

We’re focused on our users. How they live, What they want and what they need. Our people. We know the talents we need and we understand the people we want: Ambitious, but not just for themselves. They embrace change and the freedom we give them, to work the way that suits them. We know that everyone messes up from time to time and we’re good with that as long as they are.

Our team are independently minded, they don’t follow the pack for the sake of it, or try to be right all the time. They love working in a team; that’s not lip service, it’s fundamental to how we work and they have to be good human beings; Offering someone else the last piece of cake, not taking all the bananas, telling people when they’ve done a great job and not robbing banks.

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