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Live Ops Experts Breathing New Life into Old Games

DECA Games uses their unique approach to live operations to breathe new life into games on the decline. The team works with games studios and developers who lack the resources to handle the responsibilities of running a game as a service. DECA Games provides a way for developers to profit from the long tail of games and enhances the experience for a game’s dedicated fanbase with their long term approach to games as a service. They handle all community management, product management, feature development, art, customer support, live events and promotion planning to ensure a high quality integrated service.

WHAT DO WE BELIEVE IN? Small smart teams trump big organizations. Limit hierarchy. You should find something challenging and interesting in work. Fun comes when we learn and succeed together. Trusting our employees. We trust them to do what they think is best and to do what’s right for the company. Flexible hours and locations as long as the projects don’t suffer. Every employee should feel like they have impact on their product and team.

DECA Games is an Embracer Group company.

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