Wafa Adami – Product Manager and Owner

Transitioning from a Non-Tech Background to Driving Innovation: Meet Wafa Adami, a remote worker from Algeria who has undergone an inspiring transition from an Executive Assistant and journalist to a technical role as a Product Manager and Product Owner.

Today, we have the privilege of delving into Wafa Adami’s remarkable story. From her diverse experiences in non-tech domains to her present role in shaping cutting-edge products, her tale is a testament to the power of determination and adaptability.

Join us as we explore Wafa Adami’s insights on embracing the tech industry, the significance of networking, and the strategies that have led to a thriving remote career. Prepare to be inspired and equipped with valuable knowledge to navigate the evolving world of remote work through her transformative experiences.

Hi Wafa,

It’s a pleasure to have this opportunity to learn more about your incredible journey! Thank you for being willing to share your story. Let’s dive into some questions to gain insights into your professional life and experiences working remotely.

Can you provide us with a brief summary of yourself, highlighting the fun aspects of your life, and how remote work has influenced your professional journey?

My name is Wafa, and my professional background spans public relations and journalism. Currently, I thrive as a Product Owner, driven by my love for continuous learning. I take delight in exploring diverse cultures and meeting new people, which aligns perfectly with my passion for traveling. Remote work has allowed me to embrace these interests fully, granting me the freedom to work from any corner of the world. It has offered me autonomy and flexibility, enabling me to strike a balance between personal commitments and professional responsibilities more effectively.

Transitioning from an Executive Assistant to a Journalist and finally to a Product Owner must have been quite a journey. What were the key takeaways and lessons you learned during this transformative process?

Indeed, my transition from an Executive Assistant to a Journalist and, eventually, a Product Owner has been an exciting journey. Each role contributed unique skills to my career growth. As an Executive Assistant, I mastered organizational and multitasking abilities. As a Journalist, my communication and writing skills flourished. These experiences became invaluable as I stepped into the realm of Product Ownership, where I combine technical expertise with effective communication to drive successful projects. My key takeaways from this journey are adaptability, continuous learning, and the willingness to embrace change as opportunities for personal growth.

Working remotely as an Algerian woman with household responsibilities must come with its own set of challenges and rewards. Could you shed some light on your experiences, especially in finding a fulfilling remote job?

Balancing remote work as an Algerian woman with household responsibilities has been both challenging and fulfilling. It requires meticulous planning and effective time management to juggle work and family life successfully. Nevertheless, remote work has provided me the chance to be present for my loved ones while pursuing a rewarding career. One of the challenges I faced was identifying trustworthy and inclusive remote job opportunities, as this requires navigating through various platforms. However, the rewards of a flexible career path have made it all worthwhile.

How do you think remote companies can enhance visibility and increase hiring opportunities for Algerian talents?

To ensure more visibility and hiring of Algerian talents, remote companies can actively collaborate with local talent agencies and organizations. Participating in virtual career fairs and engaging in targeted outreach efforts can also showcase their commitment to diversity and inclusion. The Algerian workforce, particularly young graduates, possesses exceptional talent and dedication that can greatly benefit remote companies.

Working remotely must have its fun and challenging aspects. Could you share some of the enjoyable moments and some of the main challenges you faced while working remotely?

The fun part of working remotely is the ability to work from diverse and inspiring locations, which adds excitement to my daily routine. However, one of the main challenges I encountered previously was staying connected with my technical team, especially when everyone was in different time zones. Nonetheless, utilizing communication tools such as Slack, Rocketchat, Jira, and Notion, while setting clear expectations, has proven effective in overcoming such obstacles.

Finally, what advice would you offer to other remote workers or job seekers out there?

My advice to remote workers and job seekers is to embrace continuous learning, remain open to new opportunities, and build a strong network within their field of interest. Seeking mentorship and staying proactive in professional development will enhance their prospects in the world of remote work.

You can connect with Wafa Adami via LinkedIn