Job Overview

Job Description

We are actively seeking a Senior Content Editor (SEO Specialist) to work with external writers and internal subject matter experts (SMEs) editing and refining content for Superside’s blog. Your ability to manage content operations effectively, ensuring alignment with our brand and quality standards, is crucial. Balancing coordination with external agencies and internal input will be essential.

This role is ideal for someone who thrives at editing content and seamlessly integrating SEO strategies to enhance content visibility and engagement. While a deep technical expertise in SEO is not a prerequisite, a good understanding of SEO principles and their application in content development is important.

What You’ll Be Doing

  • Team management: Collaborate and manage external partners and content agencies, providing clear direction, outlines, and guidelines
  • Team management: Oversee the editing and proofreading process to maintain content quality
  • Content Strategy & Execution: Lead the development of our blog and SEO content initiatives Craft content for various stages of the customer journey with the support of external content partners
  • Content Strategy & Execution: Ensure all content aligns with our brand voice and upholds our high-quality standards
  • Content Optimization: Review, optimize and enhance content across the website to improve E-E-A-T and relevance signals for SEO purposes
  • SEO & Content Marketing: Apply your SEO knowledge and maintain SEO best practices to maximize the reach of our content to our target audiences
  • SEO & Content Marketing: Conduct industry research, devise comprehensive SEO content plans and optimize all content to reflect the latest SEO best practices
  • SEO Analytics & Reporting: Regularly analyze and report on SEO content engagement metrics
  • Content Mentorship & Training: Provide mentorship and training to external partners and agencies to align their work with the company’s SEO and content standards
  • Content Operations: Manage the creation of content from the initial idea to its final publish-ready state, adapting the tone to suit our diverse audience and company’s needs while proactively managing editorial calendars and content operational plans
  • Collaboration: Work closely with subject matter experts, customer service teams, and other stakeholders to ensure the quality, accuracy, and relevance of the content.

What You’ll Need To Succeed

  • Bachelor’s Degree or higher in any field, we are open to all curious people
  • At least 4 years of experience in content editing, with a strong focus on SEO practices
  • Proven experience in managing content strategies, with the ability to lead and direct freelance writers and external content partners
  • Exceptional skills in proofreading, editing, and improving diverse content types
  • Proficiency with SEO tools such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and keyword research tools
  • A solid understanding of search engine algorithms, SEO best practices, and content marketing trends
  • Knowledge of digital marketing principles, including customer segmentation in content marketing
  • Demonstrable experience in creating and optimizing content for SEO
  • A strong sense of ownership, with the ability to take charge of projects, capable of leading projects from start to finish
  • Excellent problem-solving skills, with a creative and strategic approach to content and SEO
  • Exceptional communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Background in B2B SaaS, design space, or related fields is highly advantageous.

Why Join Us

Superside’s vision is to create more equal opportunities globally by accelerating the world’s transition to online work. With that in mind, we’ve built a natively remote company enabling us to attract the best talent no matter where they are.

Need more convincing? Here’s a skimmable, non-exhaustive list of reasons to join us:

  • A global community of talented people working from more than 60 different countries
  • Flexible working hours and fully remote setup. We’ve been remote from day one. No weird office legacy
  • A high-pace, high-energy, and high-performance environment
  • Trusting, ego-free and truth-seeking team members
  • Pioneering the future of work with a fair, friendly and supportive community. We’re pretty proud of this one
  • A career path towards increased responsibility, mentorship and leadership. We grow, you grow
  • Join us at the right time: impact the product as you would do in a startup with the resources of a profitable scaleup
  • See something you want to improve? Awesome. We’re a flexible and collaborative team that is always learning and growing
  • Disrupting a massive global industry with a huge market opportunity