Senior Frontend Engineer

June 7, 2024
$5000 - $12000 / month

Job Overview

  • Date Posted
    June 7, 2024
  • Location
  • Offered Salary
    $5000 - $12000 / month
  • Expiration date
    June 30, 2024

Job Description

Join Seedify, the #1 Blockchain Gaming Launchpad and Incubation Ecosystem, at the forefront of driving innovation in the gaming, blockchain and Web3 industries. Our mission is to empower project developers and innovators through funding, community building, and a comprehensive support system. At Seedify, we are committed to shaping the future of gaming and blockchain technology.

Key Responsibilities:

UI Development: Lead the development of user interfaces using modern front-end frameworks (React). Ensure the implementation of responsive and adaptive design principles for optimal display across various devices.

Cross-Browser Compatibility: Ensure that applications work seamlessly across different browsers and platforms, maintaining consistency in look and functionality.

Performance Optimization: Optimize web pages for maximum speed and scalability. Implement strategies for efficient loading and rendering, including code splitting and lazy loading.

Collaboration with Design Teams: Work closely with UX/UI designers to translate visual concepts into functional online experiences. Ensure that the end product adheres to the design specifications and user experience standards.

Integration with Backend Services: Collaborate with backend developers to integrate APIs and understand the server-side logic to ensure smooth data exchange between the server and the front end.

State Management: Implement and manage state control using appropriate tools and frameworks, ensuring smooth data flow and responsive user interfaces.

Code Quality and Standards Compliance: Maintain high code quality and ensure adherence to coding standards. Use linters and other tools to enforce code style and quality.

Testing and Debugging: Write and maintain unit and integration tests. Debug issues across multiple browsers, optimizing the code as necessary.

Technical Leadership and Mentorship: Provide technical leadership to the team. Mentor other developers, and contribute to team growth and knowledge sharing.

Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD): Work with CI/CD tools to automate testing and deployment processes.

Documentation: Create and maintain thorough documentation for all front-end code and components, ensuring clarity and ease of maintenance.

Keeping Up-to-Date with Industry Trends: Stay current with the latest trends and technologies in front-end development and blockchain integration to continually bring innovative ideas and improvements to the platform.

Accessibility Compliance: Ensure that web applications are accessible according to WCAG standards, catering to users with different abilities.

Feedback Implementation: Address feedback from stakeholders, including product managers, designers, and users, to iteratively improve the product.

Security Best Practices: Implement front-end security best practices to protect user data and mitigate risks from vulnerabilities such as XSS or CSRF attacks.

Team Structure:

You will be an integral part of a multi-disciplinary product development team, alongside front end / back end / test engineers, UI/UX designers, product owner and Web3 subject matter experts.

Company Culture:

Fully remote, global operation.

Agile work environment.

Strong emphasis on user-centric development.

Proud of the products we build, but always looking for improvements.

Career Development Opportunities:

Opportunities for rapid growth and advancement into roles with more technical responsibility or management positions.


100% remote

Timezone: flexible, but working hours must be in the range between 9AM and 10PM (UTC time).


Experience: 4+ Years of experience working as a Front End Engineer or Senior Front End Engineer.

Proficient in front end development: Expertise in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and experience with React to lead the development and maintenance of front end services. This includes writing clean, efficient, and scalable code.

Responsive and Mobile Design: Strong skills in creating responsive designs and understanding of mobile-first development principles.

State Management: Experience with state management libraries (like Redux, Vuex, or NgRx) and concepts.

CSS Preprocessing: Knowledge of CSS preprocessors like SASS or LESS.

Modern JavaScript Standards: Proficiency in ES6+ features and asynchronous programming models.

Web Performance Optimization: Ability to optimize web applications for speed and scalability.

Cross-Browser Compatibility: Experience in ensuring compatibility across various browsers and devices.

Frontend Build Tools: Familiarity with build tools like Webpack, Rollup, or Parcel.

Testing Frameworks: Proficiency in testing frameworks and tools like Jest, Mocha, Jasmine, or Cypress.

API Integration: Experience with RESTful and GraphQL API integration.

Web3: Interest on Web3 ecosystem, wallets & transactions, IDOs & ICOs, DeFi (staking, farming, liquidity pools), omnichain.

User-centric: Experience working on a user-centric product development environment.

Technical leadership: Experience mentoring and coaching other developers, fostering a quality and continuous learning environment.


Strong knowledge of Web3 ecosystem and blockchain.

Understanding of AWS infrastructure and infrastructure as code.

Bachelor’s degree in computer science or similar, or related education.


21 days of holidays / year + local bank holidays.

Sick days.

Budget for training / courses.

Budget towards purchasing work equipment such as laptop.


In addition to monthly salary paid in stablecoins (USDT), there will be a big bonus in SFUND token payable every 6 months.

$5,000 – $12,000 a month

SFUND Bonus paid every 6 month