Product Designer

Chili Piper

January 20, 2024

Job Overview

  • Date Posted
    January 20, 2024
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  • Expiration date
    February 12, 2024

Job Description

Chili Piper is a B2B SaaS startup. Our product helps clients turn inbound leads into qualified meetings instantly, helping revenue teams connect to buyers faster.

Think Calendly. Except way better. Way more powerful. And with customers like RingCentral, Airbnb, Square, Intuit, Spotify, Twilio, and many other cool logos.

We’re growing fast. And we don’t mean that in the cliche way. We are sitting on a fresh round of funding, and are ready to take over the world (in the most civil and appropriate way possible, of course).


Please note that at this time we are currently only considering candidates :

  • based outside of the US, and
  • located between the PST and GMT+3 time zones


Job Description


The Product Designer we are looking for is a strong and experienced individual contributor to join our growing design team. They will be responsible for the new scheduling product that will soon hit the market and will be our first leg into growing our product-led motion.

Our users are sophisticated employees of highly successful companies and we want them to be surprised by easy, yet powerful tools that can make their work easier – this time, the scheduling component of their everyday’s workflow. As a Product Designer, you’ll work closely with your development and product team in designing future features and improvements that will help our customers.

We are looking for a person who thinks fast, has attention to detail, and for whom the craft part of the product design process is important – it’s a quality that we hold close to us in the design team. Our products are helping with complicated workflows, but it doesn’t mean they have to be complicated themselves.

For this role, we are looking for someone who will help us build our product-led motion across the new product, including onboarding paths, cross-sell opportunities and activation, and feature adoption support, and these ideas enable other teams to do the same in other future areas. In parallel, they will be responsible for a separate stream of improvement explorations for the future and innovation.



  • Own design and problem-solving end-to-end in one of our product areas around scheduling – this is an opportunity to be responsible for a full product outcome. Work independently, while being part of a supportive cross-functional organization.
  • Come up with your own ideas and improvements to an existing product
  • Turn complicated workflows into a simple, understandable experience
  • Hold the visual / UI bar high by leveraging our design system
  • Align on what success is in your area and work towards reaching this state with your team, adding and redesigning the product experience
  • Kickstart any research/discovery needed and work with our Research team
  • Build competitive awareness of other scheduling tools and our personas
  • Get comfortable with our Digital Design System to work with and expand on, on a daily basis

What We’re Looking For

  • Experienced contributor, who shipped products to customers. Junior candidates without or with a  little prior product experience may not be the best fit.
  • Has experience in the growth phase of developing products, setting hypotheses, and executing potential improvements to existing state
  • Loves to be challenged by enterprise-grade problems
  • Has the ability to simplify and understand technical terms – we operate in a complicated problem space around the sales process which is not a very common product
  • Passion and eye for every small detail in a product and always dedicated to improving their craft
  • Good understanding of the design process – how to be pragmatic and take what’s real and useful to the problem at hand
  • Strong UI, prototyping, and visual skills to build your ideas – our designers own the whole process from discovery to the final UI and interactions
  • You have a customer-oriented mindset with a track record of solving problems
  • Open communicator. Someone for whom feedback is essential to their work. You look for it often and proactively.

Additional Skills 

  • Product-led experience is a plus!
  • Ideally, you already worked with sales/marketing automation tools (and know how badly designed they are!)
  • Passion for Chili Piper Values of Help, Innovate, Have Fun
  • Team facilitator – involving and engaging the team in idea generation
  • Strong English communication skills
  • Ability to work in an environment in which the requirements are not always well defined and priorities change frequently – you need to be able to see the big picture and make calls how to move on


Additional Information

Why you’ll love being a part of our team:

Our team loves Chili Piper because we’re building the company of the future. 

  • Work with an immensely talented global team
  • Work in a business that’s run fairly and transparently
  • Competitive pay based on market rate wherever you live
  • We lead by example–showing industry peers and leaders how to innovate, improve, and grow–while having fun

How we work:

  • Freedom and flexibility. We’re a 100% distributed team working from around the world, and we’ve been fully remote since 2016. Our team members can work from wherever they want in the world, as long as they show up on our weekly all hands meeting on Zoom.
  • Solve interesting problems. The software landscape has exploded. There are dozens of solutions for each problem. We want to be different. We come up with new angles on existing problems or invent better solutions to help companies with their sales and marketing. Then we turn these ideas into beautiful, smart software.
  • Autonomy and ownership. Working on a distributed team means you don’t have someone micromanaging you or looking over your shoulder to make sure you’re getting things done. We’re a team of do-ers who take full ownership for their results.
  • Be helpful. Our first value as a company is help. Help our customers be successful. Help our prospects get the right information and make the right decision whether or not it includes our products. Help our team members reach their full potential.

The perks:

  • Unlimited Vacation
  • Generous Health, Dental, and Vision Insurance
  • Any equipment/software/tech that you need to do your job