Product Analyst


August 20, 2023
$12000 - $60000 / year

Job Overview

  • Date Posted
    August 20, 2023
  • Location
  • Offered Salary
    $12000 - $60000 / year
  • Expiration date
    September 16, 2023
  • Experience
    1 Year

Job Description

LATOKEN is a crypto exchange leading startup tokens market with 250+ primary placements and 1000+ assets.
Our active users grew by 8x in 2021 to 3M+ accounts including 1.5M+ mobile with 30K+ 5 stars reviews.
We have the top trust score in the global list of exchanges Coingecko and are rated top 20 among 588 other exchanges.

We are building the next capital market – the “Amazon of Crypto” where it is easy to put an asset to the marketplace, discover, and buy or sell. In other words, we are opening the door for the next billion traders to the next million digital assets from cryptocurrencies to equity, commodity, and real estate markets.

We are doing this to unite the global population for humankind’s prosperity. Those who own tradable assets benefit from the growth of the global market. Their brainpower and investment decisions focus planetary resources to build a better future. The more people will become stakeholders of the future, the better it will be.

This becomes possible today as blockchain tech solves the property rights problem without armies and political force. Thus people around the world can open an account as easily as in a social app and have their rights protected.

Our culture is for champions living to change the world and are free to overdeliver toward the mission.
We are acknowledged by FORBES as one of the top 30 companies for remote jobs in 2022. We offer a generous stock options package, competitive pay, and stellar growth with the dawn of the web3 era.

Here is our backlog and a full list of open jobs

Role: Analyst
Unit: Analytics and OKRs
Role Mission: Timely, transparent, actionable, insightful reports.

Story: Product Owners need insights on how to make mobile users happy, which segments, channels, and conversions to focus on to scale growth.


  • Show which conversions to improve and how until Q2 2022
  • Show which acquisition channels to scale until Q2 2022
  • Implement an ongoing process of hypothesis testing until Q2 2022
  • Implement an ongoing A/B testing process until Q2 2022


  • Make conversions transparent through the funnel by cohorts, clusters, and channels.
  • Develop user-friendly & self-explanatory reports and dashboards, and fully automate them so that zero manual adjustments are needed.
  • Generate hypotheses with clear a/b testing and provide a/b testing results.
  • Prioritize product backlog accordingly to the business value to development costs ratio.
  • Collect and process client’s feedback.
  • Competitors research.

Main performance number: % of product funnel covered
Second performance number: Hypotheses tested over month
Third performance number: % of automated OKRs


  • User analytics : Analyze the focus – which channels to scale and which conversions to increase as we know users’ clusters, cohorts, channels conversions, activation, churn, referral, and monetization.
  • Hypotheses : Launch, support, analyze and report product hypotheses.
  • A/B tests : Conduct, analyze A/B tests.
  • Reports : Develop grandma-clear dashboards, and daily, weekly, and monthly present performances at analytical breakfasts.
  • DBAAS : Make databases well-structured, unified, fast and easy to access while safeguarding security access levels for analysts, OKRs, debugging.

Requirement skills and experience:

  • 1+ years in analytics of high pace tech company.
  • Experience in mobile product analytics or marketing.
  • Proficient in SQL and Python to have analytics at fingertips.
  • Managed developers and can code.
  • Data Science, cohort, cluster, channel, funnel analytics.
  • Well articulated and can discipline teammates to articulate their roles and OKRs.
  • Do not tolerate lack of logic or mess, demand highest standards for clear and MICE defined roles and OKRs.
  • English (B2 – upper intermediate).

Will be a strong plus:

  • Experience in trading, payments, investments/audit or blockchain company.
  • Finalist of a regional olympiad or MIPT, MIEF, VMK, NES graduate.


  • Competitive base and industry-leading incentives for performance, including potential options from any future Nasdaq listing
  • Work from anywhere with a global team from both developed and emerging markets
  • Opportunity to work with crypto industry leaders building the next breakthrough technology
  • Gain experience in the fastest growing emerging markets targeted by our first-ever global digital exchange wallet

Feel a great fit – apply now or forward to a great candidate.