Ifeoluwa Wussu – Content Specialist

Synergy of Talent and Networking: Meet Ifeoluwa Wussu, a Content Specialist at IntegrateSun, who currently resides in the United States and makes remarkable contributions to the Energy, Blockchain, and Crypto sectors. Ifeoluwa is not only a brilliant writer but also a passionate individual dedicated to building a brighter future.

Join us as we delve into the profound wisdom shared by Ifeoluwa Wussu. Discover his insights on the Blockchain industry, the power of networking, and the strategies to build a successful remote career.

Thank you for joining us, Ifeoluwa. Your remote journey sounds fascinating and filled with unique experiences in the crypto and renewable energy fields. Can you give us a brief summary of how you started on this remarkable path?

Of course, it’s a pleasure to be here. My remote journey began with sharing my passions on social media platforms like WhatsApp and Twitter. As one of the early Twitter subscribers, I used to post about my interests, particularly in the crypto space. Around 2020, I connected with someone who offered me an opportunity to work as an associate writer for a crypto project called Secret Tom. This was my first step into the crypto world, and I was eager to contribute to the technological advancement of the industry.

As time passed, I moved on to work with various other crypto companies, gaining experience across different digital asset classes, such as NFTs, Metaverse, and DeFi. Some roles were full-time positions, while others were part-time or contract-based. Though the journey had its ups and downs, I’m proud of how far I’ve come and the experiences that have shaped me.

My passion for renewable energy also played a significant role in my journey. Being from Nigeria, where there’s a growing demand for green energy, I realized the potential for combining my interest in blockchain with the renewable energy sector. I studied physics in school and had a background in solar energy, making it a perfect fit. I’ve had the opportunity to work with companies dealing with solar panels and renewable energy, discovering how blockchain can be integrated into the solar industry.

Throughout my undergraduate years, I knew I didn’t want to pursue a traditional nine-to-five job unrelated to my passions. When I discovered the world of crypto and blockchain, it resonated with my beliefs, and I decided to dive in wholeheartedly. It has been an exciting and fulfilling journey, and I genuinely enjoy every moment of it.

It’s truly inspiring how you’ve combined your passions for blockchain and renewable energy to shape your remote career. How do you see the intersection between these two fields, and what excites you most about their future potential?

The intersection between blockchain and renewable energy is an area filled with immense possibilities. Blockchain technology offers a decentralized, transparent, and secure platform that can revolutionize how we produce, distribute, and consume energy. By integrating blockchain into the renewable energy sector, we can create decentralized energy markets, incentivize green energy production, and ensure more efficient energy distribution.

One of the most exciting aspects is how blockchain can enable peer-to-peer energy trading, allowing individuals and communities to exchange surplus energy directly. This not only promotes energy sustainability but also empowers people to become active participants in the energy market.

Moreover, blockchain’s smart contract capabilities can streamline and automate various processes, reducing administrative costs and increasing the overall efficiency of renewable energy systems. It opens the door to innovative solutions like traceable energy sources, where consumers can verify the origin and authenticity of the energy they use.

It’s evident that crypto holds tremendous potential beyond just being a means of making money. However, there’s still a prevalent misconception among people who are not well-versed in the crypto space. They often view it as fraudulent. What would you say to those skeptics who doubt the legitimacy of crypto and believe it’s not a viable career path?

I completely understand the skepticism surrounding crypto, especially for those who haven’t had firsthand experience with it. There are misconceptions about crypto because some people have unfortunately encountered scams or lost money due to its volatile nature. I empathize with their concerns because if I were in their shoes, I might have had similar reservations. However, it’s crucial to recognize that crypto is not just about financial speculation.

Crypto is built on the foundation of a revolutionary technology called distributed ledger technology, commonly known as Blockchain. This technology extends far beyond finance and introduces transparency, efficiency, and speed across various industries. It’s a disruptive force that has the potential to reshape not only the financial world but also other sectors like real assets and more.

In recent news, we see traditional industries, financial institutions, and even governments starting to adopt crypto, acknowledging its potential and benefits. Undeniably, crypto represents the future of finance and has far-reaching applications in many other areas.

Yes, there have been unfortunate stories of people losing money in crypto, just like any other investment space. However, it’s essential to understand that even in traditional finance, significant losses can occur. The perception of volatility in crypto is a valid concern, but it’s important to remember that we are still in the early stages of crypto adoption. Like the time it took for radio and television to be widely embraced, crypto will also require time for people to grasp its true potential.

The key is education and understanding. As people become more informed about the technology behind crypto and its diverse applications, they will see that it offers more than just financial gains. It has the capacity to revolutionize industries, reshape organizational structures, and enhance financial institutions. So, while skepticism is natural, I believe that as knowledge spreads, the misconceptions about crypto will gradually fade away.

Many people seem hesitant to adopt crypto due to the high risks in payments, especially with the crash of last year’s shit coins, making more people skeptical. Is there an authentic and safe crypto platform to invest in?

In the crypto world, there are both genuine and fraudulent projects. BTC and Ethereum are solid choices for long-term investment due to their reliability and potential for growth. Do thorough research before investing and avoid risky tokens like “shit coins.” BTC and Ethereum are like digital gold and are excellent hedges against inflation, offering more than just financial returns.

Back to careers, Is the blockchain crypto industry saturated, and what career options are available for someone looking to enter the industry?

The blockchain crypto space is relatively new compared to other fields, so it’s not saturated. While there is growing competition, there’s still high demand for various roles. Whether it’s marketing, design, data engineering, or software development, there are abundant career options. The tokenization of real-world assets is also gaining traction, creating opportunities for smart contract developers. In summary, the industry offers numerous openings and is far from being saturated

How can people access opportunities in the crypto industry? Do they need to take specific courses or additional skills to be knowledgeable about it?

The internet, particularly Twitter and YouTube, offers a wealth of information on crypto. For instance, I wanted to learn solidity for smart contract development, so I found free courses and reputable teachers on YouTube. Platforms like Coursera also offer courses starting from blockchain basics. Whether you’re interested in marketing or development, there are numerous online resources and academic platforms like ConsenSys to help you get started and succeed in the field.

Crypto and blockchain jobs are not always publicly advertised. Are there specific communities people should join to access these jobs?

Absolutely. The crypto space operates differently, and many jobs are found in communities like Telegram and Discord. These platforms align with the decentralized nature of crypto. While some job platforms now list crypto openings, joining crypto-centric communities is a great way to find opportunities. Keep in mind that the job market can be influenced by market sentiment, which fluctuates with crypto market trends. During bull markets, job opportunities increase, but during bear markets, some companies may struggle to sustain themselves, leading to layoffs.

Can you share your top five crypto communities?

Sure! My top five crypto communities are Twitter (Crypto Tweeter), Reddit (Cryptocurrency subgroup), LinkedIn, and Medium. Instagram is also gaining traction, but it’s not as strong as the first three—Twitter, Reddit, and LinkedIn.

Are there any companies that are currently hiring for upcoming crypto projects?

Typically, companies use recruiting firms for hiring, so there isn’t a specific company that directly hires for upcoming projects. Instead, job seekers can explore crypto communities and engage actively on platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn. Building connections and making insightful comments on posts can lead to potential job opportunities and collaborations. Consistency in engagement is essential for success in the crypto industry.

Thank you for sharing that valuable insight on building a personal brand on social media platforms. Now, what advice would you give to job seekers looking to enter the crypto industry or seek jobs overseas?

Consistency is key when it comes to building your personal brand online. Make regular posts and engage with others, even if some posts don’t get much attention. It may take time, but consistent posting will increase your visibility on platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter. Additionally, document your journey and showcase your skills. Whether you’re a developer or a marketer, let people see what you do. Building your personal brand and visibility will make it easier for potential employers to discover you and reach out, whether you’re looking for opportunities in Nigeria or abroad.

You can reach out to Ifeoluwa (Daniel) Wussu via Linkedin