Visual Content Specialist

July 3, 2024
$1200 - $2000 / month

Job Overview

  • Date Posted
    July 3, 2024
  • Location
  • Offered Salary
    $1200 - $2000 / month
  • Expiration date
    July 26, 2024
  • Experience
    2 Year

Job Description

Foxelli Group is not something you want to miss out on. We’ve been in the digital game for seven years now and have created multiple successful world-known e-commerce brands that generate 20 million USD in annual revenue. It’s impressive, sure, but we’re definitely not stopping here and constantly cooking up some new exciting brands

See, that’s the thing about us – we’re always hungry for more. We consider ourselves go-getters who get a kick out of running from mediocrity. Everything we do is a bit extravagant, some even might say – impossible. However, we know how to make it happen because we always prioritize self-development, transparency, discipline, and being exceptional 24/7.

And the best part? We’re looking for a Visual content Specialist.

The ideal candidate should have a strong understanding of visual storytelling, branding, and design principles. As our Visual content Specialist, you will have the opportunity to work alongside other creative minds to develop and execute visual content strategies that align with our branding and marketing goals. You’ll play a critical role in identifying and engaging with talented content creators to ensure our visual content is of the highest quality.

Get ready to:

  • Look for talented content creators to produce the highest quality visual content for our brands.
  • Strategize techniques to approach creators to build and maintain a strong creators’ database.
  • Collaborate with other members of the marketing team to create visual content that aligns with our overall marketing and branding goals.
  • Ensure that all pieces of content are delivered on time and of the required quality.
  • Create visual guidelines, style guides, and briefs for content creators.
  • Manage visual content assets, including archiving and organizing digital files.
  • Analyze the market and generate new content ideas to drive brand awareness and increase revenue.
  • Continuously challenge and improve our content quality standards.

Job requirements

  • English language skills: exceptional written and verbal communication, grammar, and punctuation.
  • Excellent communication and negotiation skills: the ability to build relationships through communication. Finding creative solutions that meet the needs of both parties.
  • Great ownership skills: strong decision-making abilities and commitment to achieving high standards of quality and excellence.
  • Great attention to detail: Nothing slips your eyes unnoticed.
  • Excellent understanding of visual aesthetics.
  • Analytical thinking: You’re able to recognize ineffective methods and optimize them;
  • Perfect knowledge of visual communication: You know what makes an image or a video sell;

If you’re a creative thinker with a passion for visual communication and a desire to make a real impact in your career, we want to hear from you! Apply today and join our team of talented visual content creators.

Now, onto the fun part . 

  • I am in control: we’re a fully remote company. Work from anywhere. Enjoy the flexibility of working fully remotely! We use Hubstaff to seamlessly track hours, ensuring transparency and fairness for everyone on the team.
  • I am strong: yoga classes, gym membership, rock climbing – just say the word, we got it covered! Get that body moving!
  • I am growing constantly: personal and professional development is the key to satisfying that burning curiosity each of us has. That’s why every one of us gets a yearly budget for various courses and training.
  • I am well-rested: we don’t subscribe to old-fashioned stigmas about mental health and take emotional well-being seriously. To get you the well-deserved time to unplug, we’ve also got paid parental days, holidays off as well as paid vacation days.
  • I am comfortable: the fact that we don’t have an office doesn’t mean you have to shy away from an awesome workstation! We’ve got a budget already dedicated to you so your home office could be up to your standards.
  • I am incredible: our team is extraordinary – that’s not a brag, it’s a fact. We’re proud of every single incredible unique person at Foxelli Group. 
  • I leverage AI: Utilize cutting-edge AI tools and technologies to enhance your work and drive impactful results.

Salary: 1000 – 1800 euros after taxes (depending on your skills and experience).

Please note that this role requires a self-employment certificate.

Ready to join the crew?