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Job Description

Location: EMEA Remote. CEST-1 to CEST+3 timezone

Hi there!

We’re looking for a Analytics Engineer to join the Data Enablement team at Zapier. Zapier’s on a mission to make everyone more productive at work. Zapier has helped millions of people build businesses through the power of automation.

As a Senior Data Analytics Engineer, you’d be at the heart of this mission, sculpting our data standards and practices. You would be joining the Data Enablement team and reporting directly to Ignacio Villar, one of our Data managers who supports a mix of Data Analytics Engineers and Data Scientists. Our data team is presently about 50 folks reporting directly to Finance. We’re a no-code automation tool with 700+ teammates across 40 countries and 18+ time zones. As a fully remote and distributed team we generally consider timezones when hiring and aim to keep teams together by making sure that every Zapien overlaps with their manager & teammates for at least a few hours a day.
We know applying for and taking on a new job at any company requires a leap of faith. We want you to feel comfortable and excited to apply at Zapier. To help share a bit more about life at Zapier, here are a few resources in addition to the job description that can give you an inside look at what life is like at Zapier. We hope you’ll take the leap and apply. If you’re interested in advancing your career at a fast-growing, profitable, impact-driven company, then read on…


Our Commitment to Applicants

Culture and Values at Zapier

Zapier Guide to Remote Work

Zapier Code of Conduct

Diversity and Inclusivity at Zapier

Zapier is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace dedicated to pursuing and hiring a diverse workforce.

About You

You are a skilled written communicator. Zapier is a 100% remote team and writing is our primary means of communication. You can communicate about technical topics without unnecessary jargon. You translate unfamiliar data modelling concepts into approachable ones to team mates and stakeholders with less experience working with data.

You have experience in SQL. You’ve used written complex SQL queries that join across data from multiple systems, matching them up even when there was not a straightforward way to join the tables. You’ve designed tables with an eye towards ease of use, high performance and with focus on the consumer of the data. You’ve documented schemas and created data dictionaries.

You value working in diverse teams and align with our values. We’re looking for folks that value collaboration and are able to demonstrate their impact through a level of expertise in data and are able to iterate effectively while being transparent about your process and seeking out diverse perspectives from stakeholders and strategic partners. You understand that the perfect is the enemy of the good, and default to action by shipping MVP code and iterating as needed to get towards better solutions.

You strive to learn about business and product goals. You can design data models that empower analysis and reporting. You value partnering with your Data Science colleagues to ensure your efforts align with data objectives. Our data enablement team exists to champion evidence-based decision-making at Zapier through scalable, discoverable and impactful data insights. The ideal candidate will have experience with building scalable data models and ELT / ETL pipelines, insights tooling (i.e. developing tools to accelerate or improve the quality of analysis / data structures); work with our stakeholders to design data that feeds back into Zapier products; and influencing the data architecture of product teams.

You have experience with data modelling and modernizing data standards. You understand data warehouse modelling and have a nuanced appreciation for when and where traditional approaches work and when they don’t. You have experience developing ETL pipelines to support business data needs. You have experience in elevating data standards, leading migrations to DBT, and managing diverse data storage systems, encompassing Data Lake on Databricks and Redshift, as a seasoned Data Warehouse Engineer.

Things You’ll Do

  • Develop ETL/ELT pipelines to ingest and transform data from upstream databases and APIs into a data warehouse. Our stack includes AWS Redshift, dbt, Matillion ETL, Astronomer/Airflow, Kafka, NiFi and custom Python.
  • Data modelling, including designing and expanding slowly changing dimension and fact tables.
  • Build reports and dashboards in data visualization tools. We use Looker.
  • Work with product teams and help them surface interesting data back in the product for our users and partners to see.
  • Influence design of our product’s data model.
  • As a part of Zapier’s all-hands philosophy, help customers via support (or other mechanisms) to ensure they have the best experience possible.


Zapier Compensation Guiding Principles
We believe all Zapiens should be rewarded competitively and equitably, using practices that are simple and transparent. This philosophy ensures we’re able to find, grow, and retain exceptional people from a broad range of backgrounds. Here’s how we define our compensation principles:

  • Competitive: Zapier pays well among the technology sector.
  • Equitable: Consistent pay practices; competency-based pay.
  • Simple: Pay is well understood, and pay practices are built for scale.
  • Transparent: Zapiens know how pay works, including how their pay is determined.

The pay ranges for this role are:

Europe: min 100,000  mid 125,000  max 150,000 EUR
Switzerland: min 98,400  mid 123,000  max 147,600 CHF
United Kingdom: min 105,200  mid 131,500  max 157,800 GBPA
Candidate’s compensation package is finalized once the interview process is concluded and accounts for experience, competencies (job knowledge, skills and abilities) and internal equity. We use a competency-based approach to base pay, which means we set pay for all Zapier employees based on their competency and skills demonstrated in their role. In alignment with that philosophy, the upper half of a pay range is typically reserved for individuals who have consistently demonstrated a high level of job knowledge and skills for their current role and level while at Zapier.
For more information on Zapier’s Total Rewards please click here.

How to Apply

At Zapier, we believe that diverse perspectives and experiences make us better, which is why we have a non-standard application process designed to promote inclusion and equity. We’re looking for the best fit for each of our roles, regardless of the type of education or companies in your background, so we encourage you to apply even if your skills and experiences don’t exactly match the job description. All we ask is that you answer a few in-depth questions in our application that would typically be asked at the start of an interview process. This helps speed things up by letting us get to know you and your skillset a bit better right out of the gate. Please be sure to answer each question; the resume and CV fields are optional.
After you apply, you are going to hear back from us—even if we don’t see an immediate fit with our team. In fact, throughout the process, we strive to never go more than seven days without letting you know the status of your application. We know we’ll make mistakes from time to time, so if you ever have questions about where you stand or about the process, just ask your recruiter!
Zapier is an equal-opportunity employer and we’re excited to work with talented and empathetic people of all identities. Zapier does not discriminate based on someone’s identity in any aspect of hiring or employment as required by law and in line with our commitment to Diversity, Inclusion, Belonging and Equity. Our code of conduct provides a beacon for the kind of company we strive to be, and we celebrate our differences because those differences are what allow us to make a product that serves a global user base. Zapier will consider all qualified applicants, including those with criminal histories, consistent with applicable laws.
Zapier is committed to inclusion. As part of this commitment, Zapier welcomes applications from individuals with disabilities and will work to provide reasonable accommodations. If reasonable accommodations are needed to participate in the job application or interview process, please contact [email protected].
Even though we’re an all-remote company, we still need to be thoughtful about where we have Zapiens working. Check outthis resource for a list of countries where we currently cannot have Zapiens permanently working.