Senior Software Engineer (DBaaS)

Job Overview

  • Date Posted
    July 6, 2023
  • Location
  • Expiration date
    July 31, 2023
  • Experience
    3 Year

Job Description

Come help build the next great database cloud for developers.

We’re looking for experienced DBaaS engineers to help us design, build, and maintain our fully-managed TimescaleDB database services. You should be an experienced software engineer, as well as have familiarity managing PostgreSQL or other similar relational databases in automated environments, along with the suite of reliability tools (HA, backup/restore, configuration management, etc.) that ensure a worry-free experience for users.  You will have the opportunity to work with a close-knit team, developing Golang services and features to power our platform, as well as working with our underlying Kubernetes infrastructure to ensure stability, security, and performance.

Timescale is an all-remote organization, open to candidates in all time zones. This is a full time position.


  • Provide customers with stable, performant, and fully-managed PostgreSQL/TimescaleDB database instances running on our cloud platform
  • Design, develop, and maintain a suite of advanced DBaaS features, providing a first-class developer experience with great ease-of-use
  • Ensure reliable and frictionless database management, including for provisioning, reconfiguration, and software updates.
  • Build tooling and documentation to help customers (both internal and external) quickly address common issues the moment they arise
  • Provide subject-matter expertise on PostgreSQL and TimescaleDB for internal stakeholders, including other engineering teams and technical support team


  • 3+ years software engineering experience in production environments
  • Strong programming skills (we mostly use Go but are more concerned with good fundamentals)
  • Knowledge of how PostgreSQL works, including security, replication, backups
  • Experience deploying, operating, and managing production-level PostgreSQL or other database systems at scale (e.g., in “as-a-service” environment)
  • Experience with operational PostgreSQL tools for backup (pgBackrest, WAL-G)
  • Experience with PostgreSQL high availability (Patroni, Stolon, pg_auto_failover), etc.
  • Experience working with Kubernetes clusters in production environments
  • Experience writing complex SQL queries
  • Bonus for experience running PostgreSQL on Kubernetes
  • Bonus for ability to write PostgreSQL extensions extra, including in Rust
  • Bonus for deep knowledge of at least one major cloud provider, AWS preferred