Staff Operations Associate

Job Overview

  • Date Posted
    September 5, 2023
  • Location
  • Expiration date
    September 29, 2023
  • Experience
    5 Year

Job Description

Are you inspired to work in a highly innovative organisation solving difficult problems? Are you excited to apply operations thinking to crack complex challenges? Do you love being at the forefront of building systems and processes? Would you describe yourself as being highly collaborative? Are you planning and documentation obsessed? Does the prospect of building repeatable and world-class systems excite you?

Sounds like you?  Read on…


In 2035, Africa will have the largest workforce in the world and will need to catalyse transformation by empowering its largest untapped resource – its people. The African Leadership Group is an ecosystem of institutions with a shared vision to harness Africa’s abundant human capital and transform the continent and the world by selecting, developing, and connecting 2 million ethical and entrepreneurial leaders by 2030. ALG was founded over 15 years ago by Fred Swaniker, a serial entrepreneur recognised by Time Magazine as one of the 100 most influential people of 2019.

ALX, The Room and Sand Technologies are three brands of the African Leadership Group. ALX is our training arm, focused on developing skills for the fourth industrial revolution – software engineering, data science, UX design, cyber security, etc.) to ensure that Africa is able to compete effectively as the world undergoes a digital transformation. The Room is our connection arm, a community that our young tech talent join to access a lifetime of extraordinary opportunities and meaningful relationships. And Sand Technologies is our consultancy firm connecting companies to global talent. To learn more about us, please read this article about why we launched The Room & this article about the impact of our development programs in African youth.


The Staffing Operations team is responsible for harnesses the power of The ROOM’s global network by identifying exceptional talent, connecting them to opportunities and building operationally tight customer centered approach to their experience. Along the way, the team unlocks value by making it easier for companies to find the top talent they need by maximising the fill ratio and shortening the time to fill to enable client, talent and company success through service excellence.

In pursuit of our mission, we encourage autonomy, creativity, and experimentation. We embrace risks and failure. We seek those that have a beginners’ mindset, are lifelong learners, thrive in uncertain circumstances and uncharted territory, and have a deep passion for youth engagement. If you’re entrepreneurial and ready to work in a hyper-growth environment, this is a chance to build a new business and learn an insane amount in a compressed period of time.

With such an ambitious goal, our team is inspired to work smarter, and consistently thinks about how things could be done better. We have high levels of accountability and own outcomes – when we win we keep going, when we fail we learn and start again. We take time to listen and understand our customers’ pains and gains, and then experiment and move forward by turning insights into action with data. As important as our work is, and it is, we also celebrate the privilege and responsibility of doing it with enjoyment and zest.

We are looking for a Staffing Ops Operations Associate to who will work to support our team in building and driving our talent’s experience.


More specifically, your role will include:

  • To be primarily responsible for the researching, building and executing on the systems and operations for the Staffing Ops team and all of its clients – the role will not only be responsible for building but also ensuring the processes work and maintain themselves
  • Being detail oriented and diligent in ensuring our systems work seamlessly providing our clients with an excellent, repeatable experience
  • Analyse and improve our  people operations  and customer journey systems to continuously receive positive feedback from our clients
  • Make recommendations based on analysis conducted regarding recommended tools and third party platforms to improve the experience
  • Periodically support the design of the Staffing Op’s and Fulfillment building experiences with the team members.


  • You hold a Bachelor’s degree. Preferred but is not mandatory.
  • You have experience 2-5 years experience in HR or People & Culture teams or in a Systems & Operations role
  • You have experience in building systems, processes and project management plans for
  • You have a good understanding of how to collect customer or employee feedback to inform tool selection and process implementation. You can effectively analyse the data collected and make inferences from insights and trends.
  • Effective project management: You have a proven ability to effectively manage and collaborate with others on different aspects of a project.
  • Absolutely  detail-oriented:  You don’t miss a thing! You are very careful and  triple-check important documents, emails and presentations while ensuring everything you deliver is of the highest standards
  • Creative problem solving: You are able to tap into different skills to come up with solutions that are out of the box
  • You have excellent time management and monitoring skills –: you can effectively  execute on tight and/or repetitive timelines and ensure systems are running smoothly over time
  • Interpersonal skills: You can work and collaborate well with others.
  • Critical Thinking: You can objectively analyse a problem in order to form a  judgement and evaluate tools for enhanced service delivery.
  • Restless excellence: You continuously strive and aim for excellence in your work.
  • Passionate: You love what you do.
  • Innovativeness and creativity: You have a tendency to use your imagination to create or  introduce something new or different in any situation.

Role KPIs

  • Systems & tools implementation and adoption
  • Repeatability and talent satisfaction regarding processes and tools (CSAT)
  • Insight analysis reports delivered daily, weekly, monthly and ad hoc.