Data Architecture Specialist Lead

Job Overview

  • Date Posted
    June 29, 2023
  • Location
  • Expiration date
    July 24, 2023

Job Description

We are on a journey from 18 > 100 million revenue and looking for a Data Architecture Specialist Lead – 100% Remote to shape, nurture, and grow our Data and Integration function. This role is a newly created position and a critical next step in our growth.

Time Doctor is a 147-person SaaS company and 100% Remote, with Team Members in over 35 countries with exceptionally high staff and customer satisfaction.

We are passionate about remote work and what it can do for the world. We even have a conference and a book about Remote Work (Running Remote). Our brand is well-established, and the company is profitable and growing.

We have data – lots of it! – generated by our 200k+ user base who use our product daily, and 10 + data team members working across the company. We know data is our future, and now we require a leader with the talent, experience, and expertise to grow our current team and hire additional talent to support our goal of 1 million paid users by 2027.

The role is diverse and covers the following areas;

-Data Maturity Levels (Framework, Diagnosis, and Evolution)

-Data Lake Zones, Lakehouses, Data Warehouse

-Product analytics (or Product Ops)

-Internal Integration engineering

-Product integrations

-Data governance

-Bespoke customer reporting


Your Responsibilities

  • Lead end-to-end product development for data-driven products, including team management, from conceptualization to commercialization, by defining product requirements and managing the product development lifecycle.
  • Lead a team of product analyst, providing leadership, guidance and support in product strategy, execution and career development.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including data scientist, engineers, designers, and business stakeholders to develop and refine concepts, user stories, and use cases based on customer feedback and business priorities.
  • Define and execute product roadmaps, feature prioritization, and release plans, while ensuring alignment with overall business and innovation lab objectives and the scaling requirements of the specific business unit.
  • Drive product adoption by collaborating with TD business units through effective product positioning, messaging, and go-to-market strategies, including product demonstrations and sales enablement materials.
  • Collaborate with other business units, stakeholders and leadership to align product strategies, share best practices, and ensure smooth scaling and integration of the product into the broader company ecosystem.
  • Stay up to date with the latest advancements in data science and analytics technologies and provide thought leadership to internal and external stakeholders on industry trends, best practices and emerging opportunities.


Required Skills & Experience

  • Excellent analytical, problem-solving, and critical think skills with the ability to analyze complex data, identify patterns, and make data-driven decisions.
  • Previous Data Engineering or Data Architecture leadership experience.
  • FullStack Engineering Skills ( From a Data perspective ) Such as system integrations, crawlers and Spidering.
  • Data Modelling different approaches ( Star Schemas, Snowflakes, Bigtables ).
  • Proven experience in Data Lake, Lakehouses, and Data warehouses projects, desirably as a leader.
  • Build Data ingestion solutions and guidelines.
  • Master Data good practices such as: Bus Matrices ( Kimball ), Data Maturity levels frameworks ( DAMA-BOOK ) appliance and evolution’s follow up.
  • Experience in Data Tools Monitoring and Cost Projects, such as Airflow, Composer, GCP, and its Usage Metrics.
  • Be open to understanding Data and applying technologies to help business initiatives from a growth perspective.
  • Experience with complex ecosystems with Hybrid Data origins.


This is a full-time, 100% remote position that will allow you to work from anywhere.

We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, colour, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.

About Us

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