Business Writer

Grow and Convert

October 27, 2023
$5000 - $10000 / month

Job Overview

  • Date Posted
    October 27, 2023
  • Location
  • Offered Salary
    $5000 - $10000 / month
  • Expiration date
    November 13, 2023

Job Description

Everyone at Grow and Convert starts off as a writer. We have folks who stay as writers and others who transition into strategists and execute the rest of our SEO process for clients. But even to be a strategist, you have to start off as a writer.

This is because good SEO writing is the backbone of what we do. So we’re always looking for smart people who can understand and sell our clients products through writing.

We Do Product Copywriting, Not Intro Guides

Although the majority of pieces we produce for clients are blog posts, we don’t do traditional blog writing like introductory guides, ebooks, and beginner-level how-to posts. We target high buying-intent SEO keywords and therefore our articles sell the client’s products.

Here are several examples:

Best [x] Product

  • Time Clock App With GPS (Ranks #1 as of this writing) – This is a simple product without a ton of differentiators vs competition. But you can see how we still describe each of the features in detail and how (and why) it helps the customer.
  • Best DAM Software (Ranks #8) – Same concept as above but with more complex software

Comparison and Alternatives

  • Routific Competitors (Ranks #3) – See how little fluff there is in the intro. It immediately sets up the reader to focus on the questions that matter when evaluating software in this space and then sells our client’s product (Circuit) against those criteria.
  • Selenium Alternatives (Ranks #5) – Same concept in a more technical space. Note how this explains Rainforest in a way anyone can understand, not just coders.

We don’t self-research posts, we interview our clients

Most agencies and companies give writers a topic and expect them to self-research and become experts on that topic themselves. In contrast, we interview subject matter experts inside of client companies to get their thoughts on our target keywords (which, as per the previous section, are product-related). WE then use these interviews to form the basis of the arguments in our articles.

This allows writers on our team to minimize the time spent researching subjects and spend a majority of their time articulating value propositions, explaining features and their benefits, contrasting these features with competitors, and positioning our client’s products and services to sell.

What we care about (and don’t) in our writing

We care

We don’t care

  • How many words an article is
  • How long paragraphs are
  • How many images you use

Non-Writing Backgrounds Are Encouraged

Our team is diverse in their work history and many folks aren’t traditional writers or have zero SEO, blog, or content writing backgrounds. That’s okay! In fact often that means there aren’t bad content writing habits they have to unlearn.

We have team members who, before Grow and Convert, worked at a bank, got biochemistry degrees, started non-profits, worked in outbound sales, waited tables, and more.

Grow and Convert could be a great fit for:

  • Freelance writers – Looking to add more steady work to their client roster and/or add more interesting writing work where they learn and grow as writers and marketers instead of churning out “mind-numbing” content.
  • In-house marketers – Who feel stalled out or unsatisfied at their job and want a marketing role where they have visibility into everything needed to run an effective content marketing and SEO program (keyword research, writing, marketing, analytics, promotion, etc.) and the freedom to work on all of those aspects of marketing.
  • SEO or content consultants – Who are tired of chasing their own clients and want to work with a smart team with a passion for effective, results-driven SEO and content marketing.
  • Product marketers – Looking for a place where they can work on their product copywriting, SEO and analytical skills via multiple companies, not just one – and in a job with a lot of autonomy and flexibility.
  • Former sales people – Who don’t want to do traditional sales any more (outbound, cold calling) but would enjoy understanding clients’ products and “selling” them in written form.
  • Fiction writers – Looking to add a stable source of income as they work on their creative projects.
  • Recent graduates – Looking to learn SEO, marketing, or product copywriting. If you’re driven, you’ll learn a lot about marketing working here.
  • Parents – Or anyone looking to transition back into the workforce with something remote and flexible

We have multiple team members that fall into each of the personas above.

The 2 Most Important Characteristics

What we’re looking for is two-fold:

  1. The ability to understand a product or service, its value propositions and differentiators in detail.
  2. The ability to explain that in clear, simple written English.


We pay $500 per article. Writers who choose to take on a reasonable full time work load typically can do 10 – 12 pieces per month, so $5,000 – $6,000 per month.

There are no word counts. Our pieces are however long we think we need to rank for the target keyword. That typically ends up being around 1500 – 2500 words.

Strategists – if you end up transitioning to this role – also get a monthly account management rate per client account and editing rate if they delegate articles to other writers. Strategists also have workload flexibility, so they can take on anywhere from one account to four accounts. Most strategists who work with us as their main source of income make between $5,000 – $10,000 per month. Again, all strategists start off as writers.