Job Overview

  • Date Posted
    June 16, 2024
  • Location
  • Expiration date
    July 14, 2024
  • Experience
    3 Year

Job Description

Welcome to Foxelli Group! We’re at the cutting edge of e-commerce, using AI to create amazing content and drive over $20 million in annual sales. We’re looking for creative and driven individuals to join our team as AI Copywriter. Whether you’re from marketing, sales, or any other field, if you have the right skills, this opportunity is for you!

Your Role:
As an AI Copywriter, you’ll play a key role in our team by using advanced AI tools to create engaging copy. You’ll write punchlines, ads, landing pages, emails, video scripts, and more, all aimed at capturing the audience’s attention and driving sales. This role is perfect for someone who wants to innovate, grow their skills, and significantly boost their career and earning potential.

What You’ll Do:

  • Create Amazing Content: You’ll write engaging and persuasive copy for websites, social media, email campaigns, video scripts, and other platforms.
  • Use AI Tools: You’ll use state-of-the-art AI technology to help generate, refine, and optimize your content, making it more effective and easier to produce.
  • Analyze and Improve: You’ll use data and insights to continually improve your content strategies and ensure that your work drives business growth.
  • Collaborate and Innovate: You’ll work closely with our marketing, design, and media buyers to try out new ideas and push the boundaries of what’s possible with AI-driven content.

Job requirements

What You Need:

  1. Marketing/Sales Knowledge: Understanding of how to sell and market products effectively.
  2. Critical Thinking: Ability to analyze data and turn insights into effective content strategies.
  3. Innovative Mindset: Willingness to experiment, try new approaches, and think outside the box.
  4. Fluent English: Excellent communication skills in English, both written and verbal.

Why This Opportunity is Awesome: 
No matter your background, if you have these skills, you can thrive and earn significantly with us. By teaching AI to handle parts of your job, you’re not just making your work easier—you’re investing in your future. Mastering these tools will enhance your skills and career potential. This isn’t just another job; it’s a chance to become a leader in AI-driven content creation.

Perks You’ll Love:

  • Stay Active: Access to yoga classes, gym memberships, and rock climbing adventures to keep you healthy and energized.
  • Keep Learning: A yearly budget for courses and training to fuel your growth and development.
  • Recharge: Paid parental leave, holidays off, and generous vacation days to ensure you stay refreshed and motivated.
  • Work Comfortably: A budget to set up your perfect home office, so you have a workspace that suits your needs.
  • Have Fun: Regular social events with a unique team that knows how to work hard and have fun.
  • Enjoy Flexibility: Work remotely with the freedom to set your own hours, and we use transparent hour tracking to keep everything fair.

Apply Today:
If you’re excited about AI, love creating innovative content, and want to advance your career in a dynamic and friendly environment, apply to Foxelli Group today. Let’s shape the future of AI-driven content together and explore new digital possibilities.Note: Please note that this role requires a self-employment certificate.