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SettleMint is a Blockchain-Platform-as-a-Service company (with offices in Belgium, United Arab Emirates, India, Singapore, and Japan), incorporated in 2016 by Matthew Van Niekerk & Roderik van der Veer. With the realization that Blockchain technology will benefit organizations large and small, unlock incredible opportunities for society, and move from a nascent to prevalent technology over the next 5 to 10 years, Matthew and Roderik set up SettleMint with a simple purpose: to make it easy for developers to integrate blockchain technologies into their applications.

This product vision addresses the single biggest inhibitor to adoption; developer capabilities. Why business leaders trust us SettleMint offers companies the shortest path to your blockchain business case realization, making it easy for any organization to build business solutions with Blockchain. Our platform radically takes away the complexity of blockchain technology, making it easy to turn a business concept into a working Blockchain application in no time. This way, SettleMint’s low-code BPaaS​ solution accelerates the path to leveraging the benefits of blockchain technology: whether those enterprises are looking to improve efficiency, to extend their current products to a new client segment, or completely reinvent an existing business model.

Why IT teams love us Our chain-agnostic node-wrapping platform includes a suite of APIs, developer tools, and frameworks that enable any software developer to build new Blockchain based applications or integrate Blockchain functionalities into existing solutions. Our platform encapsulates years of R&D on the technical, operational & organizational aspects of Blockchain technology & packages this in fully documented APIs, micro-services, browser components, and templates that strip away complexity and provide developers with the building blocks required to build full-stack applications.

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