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Linum Labs is a global team of developers, entrepreneurs, and change-makers passionate about empowering people through building decentralized systems and solutions to create real-world impact and a healthier society.

Founded in early 2016, Linum Labs strives to be at the forefront of Web3 thought leadership and software development in Africa and Europe. With headquarters based in Switzerland and offices in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Berlin, Linum is able to serve a multitude of geographies. Focusing on the synergy between health and identity, with a people-centric approach, we aim to unlock new opportunities and improve upon existing systems. We believe that our communities are the builders, contributors, and users of blockchain solutions, and thus form a fundamental part of the decentralized future that we are building.

By building our own in-house blockchain solutions, with years of experience collaborating on a number of large-scale projects, we have a strong foundation of hands-on experience and thought-leadership to build solutions that matter.

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