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Founded in 2015, we realized the market was lacking a true LMS solution with a focus on the employee experience and continuous development. Today, we have created the leading employee experience platform for mid-sized businesses to drive engagement, motivation, and productivity. Designed to engage – with low effort and high impact. eloomi is anchored in simplicity and continuous innovation.

Our platform connects the dots between learning and performance to streamline your onboarding, upskill & reskill your talent pool, hit compliance goals, and drive true people development. Today, we’re proud to be empowering organizations with a modern and guided approach to increase engagement and change people outcomes for the modern workforce. We are all about giving you more impact with less effort! Head to our website to learn more, start a conversation with us to discuss why eloomi is right for you, see why our customers love working with us, or explore why we love working together.

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