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DataBees is a startup based in San Francisco with a distributed team across the US and Europe and offices in India and the Philippines. We’re calling BS on databases and AI/”machine learning” lead generation software. The information is expensive and out-of-date. Usually, SDRs still have to clean up that data and then go prospect deeper because in today’s world buyers live online.

Having their name, company, email and title doesn’t cut it anymore to get attention or replies. What does work are real plays from a playbook, like using a high/low strategy or getting creative with highly personalized emails or video, maybe combined with some direct mail. However, SDRs are still stuck cleaning up data and doing manual tasks, wasting 15-17 hours/week, while the company is losing $30/rep/hour.

Super inefficient. We know that humans are the best way to prospect. We can help you outsource prospecting and other back office support to our worldwide team of over 300 lead researchers, 100% of which have college degrees and are fluent in English and your account manager is in your timezone. We’re solving the problem of helping your SDRs cut through the noise by getting them the information they need to book meetings.

Here’s more about DataBees: https://getdatabees.com

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