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We help millions of people improve their trading and investing results each month by providing superior market information, data and tools. Benzinga gives traders and investors the edge needed to profit in the markets. We are devoted to the ambitious mission of transforming the financial industry and empowering the individual investor.

Benzinga’s core businesses include:

Financial Media: http://benzinga.com

Trading & Research Terminal: http://pro.benzinga.com

Financial, Market, and Alternative data APIs: http:// cloud.benzinga.com

Our KICK ASS team works and hustles harder than anyone! We are looking for folks with the fire and determination to not just work, but to build a company.

Individuals who can take a vision, and build towards it…not just take tasks from a higher power. The search for the driven, dedicated, and self-starting Zingers to help propel Benzinga to the next level is on!

Are you looking for your work to be valued? Do you want to know that the work you do everyday makes a huge impact on the business? You are not just a number here at Benzinga, our “leave your ego at the door”, teamwork-oriented environment allows you to be yourself and offer all your sweetest ideas and feedback freely without any judgement. Zinger Nation believes in “doarchy” not “hierarchy”.

If you are interested in doing business with Benzinga or joining the team, please contact us.

Check our careers site at jobs.benzinga.com

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