Ozioma Anele – UGC Content Creator and full-time Co-founder & Head of Partnerships at Ebonique.

Unleashing International Opportunities as a Content Creator: Meet Ozy, an exceptional part-time remote UGC Content Creator and full-time Co-founder & Head of Partnerships at Ebonique. In this week’s remote worker spotlight, we had the chance to speak to a trailblazer in the beauty industry in Africa. Read more to get inspired by her journey, as she shares her insights on how she got into content creation as well as tips that have helped her thrive in the international beauty space.

Hello Ozy, please can you give a brief summary about yourself

Hey, my name is Ozy, I’m a beauty content creator and influencer. I create editorial brand content on my social media platforms @makeupozy. Apart from content creation, I also work remotely as the Co-Founder and Head of Partnerships for Ebonique, a talent agency for African beauty and lifestyle creators. Before getting into the beauty and Influencer marketing industry, I worked remotely as a Sales Operations Analyst at GE. Though I’m a chartered Accountant, I don’t really see myself doing any audit work *laughs*. However, my degree has broadened my knowledge of so many things and I’m grateful for that.

Wow! That’s interesting. So what inspired you to become a content creator, and how did you get started in this field?

Well, right from when I was young, I have always loved makeup. Whenever I came back from secondary school, I would watch the Style Network, channel 173 which was available on DSTV then. My dad noticed and while awaiting my admission at Babcock University, he enrolled me in a makeup school to enhance my skills in makeup artistry and gele styling. But before that, my mum would always buy me makeup products to practice at home. So when I got into university, I started working part-time as a makeup artist earning myself some money. However, after uni, I wanted to still use my skills in makeup but for something different. So I became my own model and started creating content online to teach my audience. Nevertheless, I would say the peak of my content career really bloomed during the COVID era because a lot of black creators were being recognized and luckily for me, I was being recognized for my outstanding skills in graphic liner and editorial glam. Ever since then, I have got to work with international brands, mostly in the United States and the United Kingdom.
Wow, I’m getting so inspired now. Can you share your experience working with international brands? How did you establish those connections and what were some of the challenges you faced? Working with international brands has been amazing so far. I enjoy the work ethics and professionalism most of the brands exhibit coupled with the exposure and cultural diversity. I have learned so much as well in terms of international beauty standards. The best of all is the fact that I get to earn in foreign currencies. However, I have faced challenges in terms of shipping restrictions and payment delivery as most of the brands don’t pay by bank transfers and they require you to have a PayPal which as we all know is currently difficult to have now as a Nigerian.

I’m really curious. Is content creation as lucrative as they say it is especially in the beauty industry? Do you mind me asking for an estimate of how much you earn from content creation?

Honestly, yes it is. You can earn so much from content creation if you know what you are doing. On good months, I earn about $2000 – $3500 dollars monthly. In bad months, it’s around $500 dollars. *Laughs* I believe there are good months and bad months. But I know people that earn way so much more in the beauty industry here in Nigeria. You just have to know your niche, create a brand voice for yourself and be smart-consistent.

Omo! I’m actually really surprised beauty content creators earn this much. What do you think sets your content apart from others in your niche? And what advice would you give someone starting out as a content creator?

Trust me, I was as shocked as you too when I got my first pay. Hmm.. I think one thing that has really set me apart is the fact that I have always been open to learning and improving my skills. Also, I’m always trying to compete not among my peers in Nigeria but in the international market which has helped me to be sought-after by international brands. So, to anyone starting out, I would say be really disciplined, flexible, focused, and different. Find your niche and be able to create your content in a very unique way to attract these brands.

Thank you, Ozy. I really like the word “be different”. Something bothering most content creators is their rights to content usage. Have you ever encountered situations where international brands have reposted your content without seeking permission? If so, how did you handle it?

Firstly, I never let any brand be it international or local use my content without my permission. Most of these brands are fond of doing that in terms of “Oh we wanted to give you exposure”. They won’t send your products or pay you and immediately they see you have created content with their product, they will immediately repost without telling you. It’s wrong and I always make it clear that no brand has the right to use my content without my permission. However, in terms of granting brands usage rights for paid sponsorship posts, I always negotiate the terms and I never grant them exclusive rights to perpetuity. So, to content creators out there, be protective of your content because that’s your hard work. Also in terms of usage rights on paid content, be smart about it and bargain in your best interests.

I totally agree with you! To my final question, how do you stay motivated when working remotely and can you leave a word of advice for remote workers?

I’m really good at managing my time properly. I designate days when I would face my company and content creation. One of the things that have helped me in content creation is batch creating, I film like once or twice a week because most of the time, I’m always working for my company. And one of the things that really bring me joy is seeing most of my clients get international deals and be internationally recognized in the beauty space. To anyone awesome person looking to get into content creation or remote work, I would say be disciplined and relentless. It’s not going to be easy but it’s possible and that’s what matters.